Montgomery Ward built their company values into the architecture of their building

Want to live your values? Build on them.

Last year, Gemma likened your organisation’s values to the foundations of a well built house. So I couldn’t help but smile when I recently heard design podcasting guru Roman Mars tell the story of Chicago’s Montgomery Ward building.

The modernist tower was built between 4 imposing columns. The reason? Montgomery Ward’s company culture valued egalitarianism. By adding the columns, they eradicated corner offices – a hallmark of hierarchy in the corporate world. With no corner offices for staff to fight for, it was easier for equality to be seen in the workplace.

Is the story true? No idea. But I can’t think of a better symbol of living your values.

This buildings corner columns meant their were no corner offices, supporting the company's egalitarian culture.

So here’s your thought exercise for this week: What are the “corner columns” you can build into your own organisation?

– Lucas

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