Sometimes a personal approach to messaging and copy is more effective than polished slogans

Think of Ryan! How to connect with personal copy.

When you think of advertising copy, most people think of shiny, polished slogans. But depending on your brand’s personality, sometimes a casual approach can engage customers more deeply, using a personal tone to connect.

Take this remarketing ad that came across our socials recently…

This remarketing ad uses a personal approach to engage readers emotionally.

Rather than trying to impress with big talk, Urban Brew catches us off-guard and delights with a conversational, vulnerable and funny appeal. Plentiful emojis add to the personal touch – while having the side benefit of catching the reader’s eye on a busy computer screen.

And as you can see from the (far from statistical) sample of customer feedback underneath, they’ve succeeded in engaging their audience emotionally. Not only are customers clearly enjoying responding to the story – they’re actually promising to buy more soon.

Job done, we’d say.

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