Sondo is helping 100 Story Building market its services which amplify children's creative voices.

Sondo teams with 100 Story Building to amplify children’s voices

Sondo is proud to announce 100 Story Building as the second recipient of pro bono assistance through our Creative Kind program. Creative Kind supports social enterprises and ethical businesses who are doing something awesome for the world that could be boosted by marketing help beyond their current resources.

100 Story Building is the home of storymaking and creative discovery for Victorian children and young people. Over the past decade, its creative literacy workshops have helped more than 40,000 kids become more confident, engaged learners. Its workshops are provided free or at significantly subsidised rates to schools in disadvantaged areas, so all children have the opportunity to become heroes in their own stories.

100 Story Building's creative literacy workshops have helped more than 40,000 children become more confident and engaged learners

The Creative Kind grant has part-funded an extended partnership between Sondo and 100 Story Building throughout 2021. During this time, we have crafted a marketing strategy for the organisation’s next 12 months. We have also provided retainer day-to-day marketing services, devising creative campaigns for its programs and helping it respond to the current uncertainty of life moving in and out of lockdown.

Find out more and check out some examples of this work in our case study!

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