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Brand design and visual identity are what most people think of when they hear the word “brand”. And with good reason. Your visual identity is only one element of your brand, but it’s where most customers’ experience of your brand starts. And our brand design will ensure that first impression wows them.

Sondo is a leading brand design agency on the Gold Coast and Melbourne, Australia


Not just beautiful brand design.

Beautifully effective brand design.

Building on the direction identified in your brand strategy, we’ll design a visual identity that’s distinctive, memorable, and works across all your customer touchpoints to tell the story your business needs.

You’ll leave with a distinctive brandmark, supported by brand elements like colours, fonts and graphical devices that bring your business to life on your website, signage, brochures, business cards and anywhere else you can stick a paintbrush.

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Logo design
Brand identity design
Graphic design & style
Brand photography & imagery
Brand guidelines
Web design

We have so much more clarity about our target audience and how we are currently perceived in the marketplace — and how this needs to shift. We also have the confidence to charge more for our services and start initiating conversations about different services.

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Branding design & visual identity FAQs

Yes, Sondo can help with your logo – and do a great job too. However, we only work on projects if we’re also creating a brand strategy, and considering all your visual branding. That way, we can address the actual core of your problem (ie: the reason you’ve come asking for a logo in the first place).

As you know, business owners and managers don’t just wake up one day and decide to change their logo. There are tangible, functional concerns about your business that make you consider a rebrand. Perhaps you want to keep up with industry trends, pivot your service offerings or appeal to a different target audience. Regardless of your aims, the best way to ensure your logo refresh gets results for your business is to place the design process within a greater brand strategy that identifies the story you need to tell to achieve your goals as a business.

This is where Sondo excels. We provide expert advice and quality execution to make your branding project flourish across all touchpoints. And not just in the way it looks, but in the way it improves your business, too. When it comes to the visual identity of your brand, we ensure that all elements – like colours, fonts, icons, photos and graphics – work together to tell the story of your organisation and enrich your brand as whole.

Sounds good, right?

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When we go on this brand adventure together, we’re going to make some pretty big decisions that could seriously shake up the way your business looks and feels. So it’s important that you not only love these changes, but actually understand why they’re happening and what they can do for your organisation. 

In our experience, the best way to ensure this outcome is to include you, our client, in the creative process as much as possible. We’re not going to literally hold the pen in your hand but, when it comes to defining your brand’s personality, you need to know what’s going on. You understand your business far better than we do – you know your employees, your identity, your product or services, your customers and your history. All that stuff, all that knowledge, needs to be poured into the pot. It will only make the outcome better. We promise. 

Our collaboration with you continues all the way into fine-tuning your visuals. Of course, design is a complex process! But don’t panic, we don’t drag you into the nitty-gritty. Instead we get your input at key milestones that steer the development of your visual identity. Then we use our design skills to bring it all together.

When we design branding, we start by presenting you with 2-3 moodboards that set out different visual directions we could use to convey your brand’s message. Basically these set out options for “the vibe” of your brand, showing proposed brand colours and general styles of typography, iconography and imagery – all based on the brand strategy you’ve already approved.


We’ll get your feedback on which moodboards you like most, along with any more specific notes about elements you love or hate within the moodboards. Based on all that, we usually create 1-2 concepts for your visual brand.

Once we get your feedback on those, we narrow it down further to your favourite concept and continue finessing that until you’re ready for launch.

See some of our previous design work here.

In the same way the world’s sense of you as a person is influenced by more than just your name, your brand’s story (and your brand recognition) is influenced by much more than just your logo. With effective and coherent visual representation that takes into account various elements of your visual design and image, you can help to boost your brand recall rates and awareness across the board. 

Sondo can provide a brand kit that includes the following items: 

  • Logo
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Icons 
  • And more.

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Other brand services

Too often, projects fail because no one stopped to identify the core problem. At Sondo, the foundation of everything we do exists upon an effective brand strategy. This way, our creative projects aren’t just beautiful – they actually make a difference.

Sondo is a branding agency known for its insightful brand and marketing strategy. We’ll dig deep to understand your organisation and industry, identify the core challenge standing between you and your goals, and recommend the most effective levers to solve it. 

To discover more about how we can help you with brand development and strategy, click here.

Words are the quiet achievers of branding. Your business’s voice has a great effect on how the world perceives you – and it’s one of the most cost effective ways to influence customers. We’re a creative branding agency who has developed standout verbal identities for market leaders. We’ll craft the perfect tone of voice for your business, and create key messages to ensure you’re telling a compelling, consistent story every time you snatch a customer’s attention.

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Been to a great looking restaurant that was let down by crappy service? Culture is the most overlooked pillar of branding. The way every team member from CEO to intern acts profoundly affects how customers and staff perceive your business. 

Sondo can help you create the foundations for a strong, positive culture that actively reinforces your brand identity at every moment of every day.

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To stay current with customer (and staff) needs and expectations, your organisation may need to refresh its brand from time to time. A rebrand or refresh can be an essential tool to achieve new business goals, but it needs to be managed right to bring your stakeholders with you.

At Sondo, we’re passionate about creating new brands. It’s an exciting opportunity to pitch your dream, think big, and explore all the possibilities for your new business.. But the tricky question is: which of those possibilities  are right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ll steer your business past the common traps and dead-ends to craft a brand that’s unique, authentic and effective.

A merger or acquisition is an exciting opportunity for growth but also brings the potential for instability. Developing the right brand is key to navigating doubts and rallying everyone behind a bold, new vision for the future.

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New brand

Show the world what makes your new business special, through a vibrant brand that tells a compelling, consistent across every element of your business.



Stay relevant with a brand refresh that brings your existing stakeholders with you, while opening up new business markets and possibilities.


Mergers & acquisitions

Create a brand identity that unites merging teams into one collaborative culture, and shows customers how the merger brings them new benefits.