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The way your business speaks – in writing and in person – has a huge effect on the way the world sees you. And it’s one of the most cost effective ways to influence customers. So you want to make sure every word counts. We’ll tell your story in a set of key messages that stick in customers’ minds, and inspire them to take action.

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Discover the power of brand storytelling

Visuals are the most showy part of branding, but words are the quiet achievers. A clever, punchy headline cuts through the noise to tell the world why you’re special in a single line. And a distinctive tone of voice sets you apart from competitors, creating a distinct personality customers feel like they know.


We’ll craft the right messages – told in the right way – to ensure you’re telling a consistent, compelling story every time you snatch a customer’s valuable attention. 

From your slogan to your About Us description, we give you all the key messages you need to communicate the essentials of your business proposition. And we’ll give you tone of voice guidelines, so you can shape all of your other messaging consistently in the future.

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We have so much more clarity about our target audience and how we are currently perceived in the marketplace — and how this needs to shift. We also have the confidence to charge more for our services and start initiating conversations about different services.

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Verbal branding FAQs

Your verbal identity is the way your organisation speaks, both in writing and in person. Your slogans, website copy, brochure copy, emails, signage, phone greetings, even your organisation’s name… all those words come together to create a sense of who you are. 

In fact, your verbal identity is one of the 3 main pillars of your brand, together with your visuals and your culture. 

Your verbal identity includes what you say: the story you’re telling the world about what you stand for and the difference you make. But it also includes how you say it. Do you sound funny or serious? Careful or surprising? Intellectual or true blue Aussie? All these choices affect what kind of customers you attract (or deter), and what they expect of you.

Sondo’s a creative branding agency who has developed standout verbal identities for market leaders. We’ll craft the perfect messages and tone of voice to shape a distinct, resonant identity for your business. We’ll help you tell a story that sets you apart from competitors and grows a deeper emotional connection with your customers.

As part of the branding project, we can give you all the essentials you need for a compelling verbal identity you can roll into your marketing immediately, and which you can maintain on brand long after the branding project is completed. 

The exact elements for your business will depend on your need and budget. We’ll talk it all over with you well before you make any commitments. But some common verbal brand elements we create include:

  • Business or product names;
  • Brand story or manifesto;
  • Slogan or master line;
  • Key messages;
  • Short and long “About Us” descriptions; and
  • Tone of voice guidelines.

Of course, most businesses write a huge amount of content across the organisation. Emails, phone scripts, brochures, websites, signage… the list goes on and on. And you’ll keep writing new content long after the branding project is completed. So when we create the brand, it’s not possible for us to draft every single piece of content you need.


But we do the next best thing.


As part of the brand deliverables, Sondo gives you a messaging kit that sets out the preferred way your business explains the most essential elements of your business proposition: what kind of organisation you are, what problem you solve for customers, and how you do it differently from your competitors.

We call these your “key messages”. 


These key messages can be used on their own, or mixed and matched with each other (or with new content) to say different things about your business, depending on your need. Think of them like premium cooking ingredients. You can blend them in different ways, to create different dishes.


We’ll usually create 6-12 key messages for a brand, depending on budget. And we’ll create a short and long “About Us” description of your business, using some of those key messages.     

Of course, if you do want us to write other assets for you, like your refreshed website or brochures, we’re happy to do that too!

The Key Messages we give you during the brand project will give you great reference and inspiration for how to write other brand content in the future. But we can give you extra help to do this, by creating “Tone of Voice Guidelines” for you.

These are simple tips for how to write in the “voice” of your brand. They generally include things like:

  • A reminder of your brand’s personality attributes;
  • A list of words you do and don’t use;
  • A description of the kind of mood your brand tries to maintain in its communications;
  • Simple vocab and grammar tips – like does your brand use contractions for a casual feel? 
  • Guidance of how your brand voice might be different in different circumstances – eg how you talk on Instagram might be different from how you talk in a catalogue or how you respond to a complaint.

We can even include example collateral, such as a sample social media post and EDM, for extra clarification.

By sharing your Tone of Voice Guidelines with anyone who writes for your business, you make it simple for everyone to stay on brand.


Absolutely. We have a flexible creative structure and can integrate your team into our process to develop the brand together. 

Of course, for your brand to be most effective, it’s essential your brand messages are consistent with the brand personality and brand story that we develop to steer our design of your brand visuals and culture. But we can provide these foundational documents to your writers to guide their work. 

We’re also happy to review initial drafts of internally-created messages and provide feedback, to ensure they are on brand and telling the right story. 

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Other brand services

Too often, projects fail because no one stopped to identify the core problem. At Sondo, the foundation of everything we do exists upon an effective brand strategy. This way, our creative projects aren’t just beautiful – they actually make a difference.

Sondo is a branding agency known for its insightful brand and marketing strategy. We’ll dig deep to understand your organisation and industry, identify the core challenge standing between you and your goals, and recommend the most effective levers to solve it. 

To discover more about how we can help you with brand development and strategy, click here.

Brand design and visual identity are what most people think of when they hear the word “brand”. And with good reason. Your visual identity is only one element of your brand, but it’s where most customers’ experience of your brand starts. As a creative branding agency, our brand design will ensure that first impression wows them. 

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Been to a great looking restaurant that was let down by crappy service? Culture is the most overlooked pillar of branding. The way every team member from CEO to intern acts profoundly affects how customers and staff perceive your business. 

Sondo can help you create the foundations for a strong, positive culture that actively reinforces your brand identity at every moment of every day.

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To stay current with customer (and staff) needs and expectations, your organisation may need to refresh its brand from time to time. A rebrand or refresh can be an essential tool to achieve new business goals, but it needs to be managed right to bring your stakeholders with you.

At Sondo, we’re passionate about creating new brands. It’s an exciting opportunity to pitch your dream, think big, and explore all the possibilities for your new business.. But the tricky question is: which of those possibilities  are right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ll steer your business past the common traps and dead-ends to craft a brand that’s unique, authentic and effective.

A merger or acquisition is an exciting opportunity for growth but also brings the potential for instability. Developing the right brand is key to navigating doubts and rallying everyone behind a bold, new vision for the future.

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New brand

Show the world what makes your new business special, through a vibrant brand that tells a compelling, consistent across every element of your business.



Stay relevant with a brand refresh that brings your existing stakeholders with you, while opening up new business markets and possibilities.


Mergers & acquisitions

Create a brand identity that unites merging teams into one collaborative culture, and shows customers how the merger brings them new benefits.