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Been to a great looking restaurant that was let down by crappy service? Culture is the most overlooked pillar of branding. We’ll help you create the foundations for a vibrant culture that creates a great customer experience, improves employee satisfaction and earns you a reputation for integrity and authenticity.

Is your brand building a culture that gives you a competitive edge?

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See if your brand could be working harder to: 

  • Help you attract the right top talent
  • Stop staff turnover
  • Create a unified goal and a highly focussed team
  • Create a culture which gives you a competitive advantage and allows you to punch above your weight.

Take our assessment to uncover key areas where you could use brand to drive a culture that leads to happier staff and customers.

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Make your brand a culture-driver

Brand and culture exist in a constant circle. Your internal culture is a key factor shaping your external brand. But your brand is also the most effective tool at your disposal to create the culture you want. This is because your brand story is founded on your organisation’s purpose and the values you stand for.

We can help you articulate these and communicate them memorably to stakeholders. And by collaborating with you to identify practical behaviours that embed your values in actual business processes, we can ensure every team member lives your values every day.

Once your brand and culture are aligned, you unlock countless benefits including:

  • Improved customer experiences
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased brand trust
  • Increased employee retention
  • Improved quality of job applicants
  • Better decision-making, aligned with your values.

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We have so much more clarity about our target audience and how we are currently perceived in the marketplace — and how this needs to shift. We also have the confidence to charge more for our services and start initiating conversations about different services.

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Culture & employer branding FAQs

Why should your business care about cultural branding?

A well-defined company culture helps your organisation build trust, loyalty and advocacy among all its stakeholders. By demonstrating your company’s commitment to what it stands for and how it contributes to society, your business is more likely to attract like-minded customers who will be more fiercely loyal to what you do. That means less customer churn, and a whole army of brand champions.

Similarly a strong employer brand makes you more attractive to like-minded job applicants, which will help you gain and retain better talent.

A well-navigated brand culture alignment can generate a whole host of specific benefits for your company’s brand, including:

  • Creating a consistent and authentic identity for the brand that reflects your company’s values and desired culture.
  • Enhancing the customer experience and loyalty by delivering on the brand promise through every touchpoint.
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent by demonstrating that your core values relate to their needs and expectations.
  • Increasing employee engagement and performance by fostering a sense of pride and belonging.
  • Improving the reputation and credibility of the brand among external stakeholders and the public.

Why is it worth hiring an agency like Sondo to enhance my culture building?

Culture-brand connection is an often overlooked step in the branding process. Whether you realise it or not, the way that you do things as a business is unique and valuable. Often, we find that most companies have a thriving, living culture that defines who they are - they probably just haven’t set it down on paper yet or considered how it could tie in with their overall branding. This is where Sondo can help. We have many years of experience helping companies unlock the full potential of their story, unifying all aspects of their organisation into a strong, multifaceted and innovative brand identity.

What is an employee value proposition?

Employee value proposition refers to the set of material and cultural benefits that your organisation offers to its employees in exchange for their skills, capabilities and experiences. It is a way of communicating what makes your business attractive and unique as an employer, and how it can meet the needs and expectations of both current and potential employees.  EVP, therefore, is a vital part of employer branding, as it creates and maintains a positive impression of your organisation among all stakeholders. A strong employee value proposition can help you attract and retain critical talent, increase employee engagement, reduce annual employee turnover and enhance performance.

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Other brand services

Too often, projects fail because no one stopped to identify the core problem. At Sondo, the foundation of everything we do exists upon an effective brand strategy. This way, our creative projects aren’t just beautiful – they actually make a difference.

Sondo is a branding agency known for its insightful brand and marketing strategy. We’ll dig deep to understand your organisation and industry, identify the core challenge standing between you and your goals, and recommend the most effective levers to solve it. 

To discover more about how we can help you with brand development and strategy, click here.

Brand design and visual identity are what most people think of when they hear the word “brand”. And with good reason. Your visual identity is only one element of your brand, but it’s where most customers’ experience of your brand starts. As a creative branding agency, our brand design will ensure that first impression wows them. 

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Words are the quiet achievers of branding. Your business’s voice has a great effect on how the world perceives you – and it’s one of the most cost effective ways to influence customers. We’re a creative branding agency who has developed standout verbal identities for market leaders. We’ll craft the perfect tone of voice for your business, and create key messages to ensure you’re telling a compelling, consistent story every time you snatch a customer’s attention.

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To stay current with customer (and staff) needs and expectations, your organisation may need to refresh its brand from time to time. A rebrand or refresh can be an essential tool to achieve new business goals, but it needs to be managed right to bring your stakeholders with you.

At Sondo, we’re passionate about creating new brands. It’s an exciting opportunity to pitch your dream, think big, and explore all the possibilities for your new business.. But the tricky question is: which of those possibilities  are right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ll steer your business past the common traps and dead-ends to craft a brand that’s unique, authentic and effective.

A merger or acquisition is an exciting opportunity for growth but also brings the potential for instability. Developing the right brand is key to navigating doubts and rallying everyone behind a bold, new vision for the future.

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New brand

Show the world what makes your new business special, through a vibrant brand that tells a compelling, consistent across every element of your business.



Stay relevant with a brand refresh that brings your existing stakeholders with you, while opening up new business markets and possibilities.


Mergers & acquisitions

Create a brand identity that unites merging teams into one collaborative culture, and shows customers how the merger brings them new benefits.