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Claire and Laura dreamt of creating a skincare range for young people that represented and helped grow the world in which their customers wanted to live. A product that would be sustainable and cruelty-free, but also reflect Gen Z’s values.

Starting with the customers

Claire and Laura’s instinct was to make their products unisex, and the research verified this would create a distinct identity in a category that still mostly reinforced gender stereotypes. Our investigations also showed that for these customers, benefit to themselves and benefit to the planet was intrinsically linked.

A name for you and me...

Research empowers you to be so much more targeted in your strategy. In this case, the strong resonance of the brand’s unisex approach made clear that the brand’s name must evoke this.

That compass helped steer us through more than 500 potential names, to land on Umii: a combination of “you” and “me” spelt in a unique, ownable way. A name that discarded stereotypes to celebrate inclusivity…

...and a proudly bold look

The sleek black packaging is assertive as well as practical, designed to stand out on shelves. It celebrates values – hustle, chill, mission, and more – rather than dictating looks. Instead of putting one face to Umii customers, a single colour smudge evokes their power to make their own mark.

Meanwhile, the packaging’s straight-talking copy clearly communicates the ingredients, where they are sourced, and their impact on the planet.

“It was reassuring to know our vision was being crafted with such rigour and expertise. The agile approach  allowed us to pivot as we uncovered research and insight to guide our brand’s direction.”

Chloe Moorfoot – Director, Umii

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