Creating a brand for a global merger


TM Insight was Australia’s fastest growing supply chain consultancies. And it was about to take another major step: merging with competitor Xact, to become TMX.

The merger presented a perfect opportunity (and pressing need) to ensure the business had a solid brand foundation for the future.

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An ambitious focus

TM Insight had based its identity strongly around being personable experts with practical operational experience. Our workshops emphasised, though, that they were also extremely smart trailblazers. With plans to retire some legacy parts of the business and launch a new ecommerce arm, we recommended it was time for TMX to own its innovation credentials.


Through our workshop process, the executive team evolved TMX’s articulation of its purpose to “create the operational infrastructures of tomorrow, to help businesses succeed in a rapidly changing world”.

This prompted new key messages that spotlighted TMX’s innovative leadership, proudly declaring that “Others plan for the future. We invent it.”

TMX's purpose, articulated through our workshops, led us to create a tagline that caputred TMX's innovative leadership

People at the heart

The business had always put people first. It was vital this wasn’t lost in TMX’s embrace of innovation.

So, “People First” was preserved as the first of TMX’s 4 Values in its new “PATH To Success” (People First, Accountable for Outcomes, Invent Tomorrow, Make it Happen). Other values also emphasised being customer-focussed and delivering on promises.

The friendly face of tomorrow

The challenge now was to visualise a dynamic business that innovated on the frontiers of tomorrow, but also had warmth and relatability.

We made this a reality through a brandmark that repeated one angled block to form the letters TMX, suggesting ingenuity, flexibility, and constant evolution.

A bright pattern of pulsing circles, without end, evoked friendliness and the constant creation of new ideas.

TMX's visuals balance innovation with personable warmth

"The team ensured every stakeholder felt comfortable, while also pushing us to be ambitious and aspirational. They were the perfect partner."
- Natalie Liang, TMX

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