Medtech company Soterius came to Sondo for a website to promote their Covid 19 sensor to potential investors


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Medtech company Soterius has developed the Scout, a game-changing workplace sensor that detects exposure to Covid-19 and other airborne viruses.

Soterius came to us for a website to explain and promote the Scout to potential investors. To get their message across effectively, though, we quickly agreed they’d also need a distinct brand personality and a defined set of engaging key messages.

We also faced as challenge that Soterius’s brand colours were a dark blue – lacking the Scout’s nimbleness – and red, which usually creates a sense of danger rather than reassurance. With their major funding round still ahead of them, Soterius didn’t have the budget for a rebrand. So we thought laterally, and instead emphasised Soterius’s secondary colours.


Their lighter blue suggested fresh air, which we doubled down on with the headline “Breathe easier with the Soterius Scout”. And their beige tones could be emphasised to provide a sense of stability, and earthiness – suggesting a return to the outside world. Soterius’s red was reserved for more limited use, giving pop and identifying the danger viruses the Scout could help us minimise.

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