New photography to roll out brand colours as part of the new website design

A dynamic website design for a trusted partner

Secon Logistics

Agency: Three Scoops

Web Design

As part of a brand refresh for logistics provider Secon in 2018, we were asked to design a brand new B2B website.

Secon’s key commercial goal was pretty straightforward: increase approaches from prospective customers.

For us, the key communication goals of the website design were more varied:

  1.  Show Secon’s varied service offer in a clear way that was fast and easy to navigate;

  2. Roll out across Secon’s new black and  red look across the site to increase brand fluency; and

  3. Make the site more personal and warm, to match Secon’s brand personality.

Scale with simplicity...

Often the trick to clear communication is saying less rather than more. That was the case here. We stripped away all Secon’s old text trying to explain everything at once. Instead, four simple category home page headings divided users according to their need.

Rather than trying to say everything at once, simple headers in the website design divide users by need and make navigation clear and fast

The remaining Home Page space was used to succinctly highlight Secon’s unique strengths: a personal touch that comes from the business’s family origins, and management of the porting of new clients’ supply chains.

On service pages, we continued this approach.

Service descriptions were refined down to their most essential elements, and divided into separate blocks.

This created a clean look that said “scale with simplicity”.

...and a touch of warmth

New photography put people in front in the refreshed Secon brand, rather than making it all about the vehicles.

Secon’s red and black gave a striking look, but we balanced this with reduced opacities and a transitional grey to keep things welcoming.

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