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Secon Logistics

Agency: Three Scoops

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Secon Logistics were approaching a new era in 2019 – rolling out a new fleet, new headquarters, and new inventory tracking software. The innovations involved could put them at the front of the industry. But to work, Secon’s staff and clients needed to lead the changes. How could Secon get them involved?

Finding the human story

We had already shaped Secon’s brand around the importance of people. Building on this, we felt we could give stakeholders a sense of ownership and pride in the new era by focusing on the human story behind every piece of freight. Rather than making efficiency the hero, we would show how the changes made lives better – for clients, for staff and for the community.

Delivering the dream

A launch brochure framed the changes by looking back to how they started: as the dream of Secon’s beloved late CEO, Terry Considine. By teaming together, the Secon family could make Terry’s dream a reality. And that would in turn help everyone involved achieve their own dreams…

The brochure and a hero video developed the “delivering a dream” theme by using tilt-shift photography to give Secon’s massive equipment a dreamy, toy-like quality. Staff and clients were the stars of the video, expressing their dreams. A Secon staff member even narrated the video.

The results

The campaign was a hit with both staff and partners, crystallising Secon’s image as a caring family business made good, growing to new heights thanks to the extended modern Secon family.

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