Parc Capital asked us to rebrand their business to communicate their vision to become tomorrow’s model of investment banking.


Creating a financial services brand


Parc Capital came to us with a vision to become tomorrow’s model of investment banking: all the skills, without the suits and “me first” attitude. But their brand lagged behind their own vision and the global players they respected.

As we workshopped what motivated the stakeholders, their purpose was quickly clear. And it was founded in a resonant, personal story: Parc’s CEO Adam Pozniak remembered his own experiences as an entrepreneur, struggling to find finance that would embrace smart risk.

Parc wanted to fill that gap for today’s entrepreneurs: To stimulate entrepreneurial growth by empowering investors and businesses to take smart risks.

Partner agencies

Three Scoops


Brand strategy
Verbal brand

We created a new brand for Parc that combined provocative boldness in colour and type with close-up portrait photography to emphasise personal attention.

Finding a bold voice for a bold idea

Visually, we embodied Parc’s provocative reimagining of investment through a striking, fresh green – a nod to both “park” and money – combined with black and white for a stark but high impact colour palette. A big, bold wordmark & headlines emphasised confidence.

But boldness was only part of what distinguished Parc. The team also set themselves apart with their relationship-driven approach. So close-up photo portraits of real investees and investors brought warm humanity to the brand.

Finally, a new company tagline – “Invested in you” – encapsulated Parc’s personal touch and commitment to long-term partnerships.

Parc's new brand used portrait photography to emphasise their personal touch.
Visually, we embodied Parc’s provocative reimagining of investment through a high impact palette of green, black and white, and a big, bold wordmark to emphasise confidence.

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