Bringing home the unimaginable

National Missing Persons Coordination Centre

Agency: Three Scoops

Creative Campaign

In 2019, National Missing Persons Week dedicated its name to specific missing people – becoming, for example, National Missing David Week… For 2020, the Federal Police wanted a new social media-focussed campaign that kept 2019’s naming approach and theme of “individuals, not statistics”.

This presented a unique challenge. How could we reimagine the same theme from a new angle to capture fresh media attention?

Answer? We flipped the perspective…

"I'll see you later"

Where 2019’s campaign focussed on photos of the missing, we focussed on the hole left behind. A suite of videos look into empty bedrooms, putting the audience in the shoes of family who’ve lost a loved one.

“I’ll see you later”, the casual farewell uttered around the world everyday, transforms to suggest the prison life becomes for those left behind when those words become the final goodbye.

It can happen to anyone

The Federal Police also had a secondary messaging goal: to show that going missing is not a problem confined to just one economic, social or age group. So we created an complementary outdoor campaign that juxtaposed the descriptor that has become each person’s story – “missing” – with other words that describe them.

This emphasised how missing people are like every one of us. At the same time, it also developed the meaning of the missing to those loved ones looking through the bedroom door in the main videos.

The results

The campaign connected with people at home and in the media. Extensive coverage across all platforms used the creative elements interviews with family members to amplify the campaign’s messages…

The campaign generated more than:

likes, comments & shares

With a combined social media reach of:


It generated leads into several ongoing investigations and increased conversation about this problem suffered quietly by too many Australians.

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