Finding a fresh angle for a classic theme park

Gumbuya World

Agency: Three Scoops

Marketing Strategy
Creative Campaign

Gumbuya World competes with three other theme parks in a small market – not to mention countless other forms of out-of home entertainment. Their 2019/2020 summer campaign needed to find a new way to raise awareness and visitation.

Finding a blindspot... and an opportunity

Our research revealed a telling discrepancy. Globally, millennials are the demographic most interested in theme parks, but they were Gumbuya World’s smallest segment – despite more than 80,000 millennials living within a 30 minute drive. They’d been neglected while Gumbuya World targeted families, but we saw millennials as the new family market. After all, millennials are now parents to half the kids under 18.

The ultimate fun fusion

We saw Gumbuya’s animal sanctuary as key to its advantage over competitors. Combined with its water park, rides, live music and dining options, a Gumbuya day became a fun fusion offering surprising sensory experiences that linger in the memory (and are Instamazing!). Now to visualise it…

For the campaign’s hero television commercials, bold “combo images” melded different elements from the park to create something new, unexpected and endlessly changing.

This device was rolled out in static and animated forms across digital, print and outdoor media.

And while the television commercial’s percussive soundtrack created a sense of sensory adventure, on radio rhyming and rhythm were used to have a similar effect.

The results

The campaign was an immediate success. Attendance rose:

20 %

during the campaign’s first month on air. The TVC experienced high recall, and it grew Gumbuya World’s share of the millennial market.

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