Reframing a traditional aged care home for the future

Fronditha Care

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Brand Strategy
Brand Refresh

Fronditha Care had established itself as a safe and inclusive home for the elderly in Australia’s Greek community. But as that community mixed more with other cultures, Fronditha’s focus was shifting to a multicultural future. They needed a brand refresh to help that change.

Finding the heart of Fronditha

Many people had a strong attachment to the business, so we started by listening to them: elders, families, volunteers, staff, executive team, the board, centre leaders and the community. What we heard back was that Fronditha Care was loved for providing more than just physical care – it enhanced wellbeing by providing a culturally rich environment that fostered belonging and celebrated the residents’ lives.

Inspired by these stories and Fronditha’s commitment to support beyond physical wellbeing, we created a new brand proposition founded on the essence: “Bounty of Care”. This set the direction for our brand refresh – it must communicate care that was boundless and all encapsulating.

Looking forward... and back

The name Fronditha itself means “care” in Greek. So it fit perfectly within that brand direction… but might it be off-putting to non-Greek cultures? Again, we talked to the public. Our research overwhelmingly showed great love for the name from long-time stakeholders, and positive results from other cultures. So Fronditha was here to stay.

Fronditha’s Greek “Phi” symbol symbolises being at the heart of community and family – a meaningful foundation to build on. We stylised it and added ripples to show the boundless care cascading out to all areas of the community. Additional colours also added vitality.

Multicultural and multicoloured

Our visual language expanded this colour pallete to celebrate many different cultures and life choices. But it also allowed us to pare colours back to a more familiar look when speaking with a primarily Greek audience, so we wouldn’t alienate the very audience that helped build their brand.

“The research that was undertaken was very thorough and brought to the foreground the real ethos of the organisation and how it was different to others in the sector.”

– Zoe Angel, Fronditha Care

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