Sondo created a marketing strategy for EMoS that identified the B2B market as the place it should focus its development and marketing to grow its electric moped business


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Electric moped outfit EMoS had pursued a range of opportunities across the B2B and B2C markets since hanging out their shingle, but a lack of focus was stretching their resources. They asked us to identify where to target business development and marketing to get most bang for their buck.

A strategy for success...

We conducted an extensive competitor review and a comparative “self-audit” of EMoS’s own market presence. From this it became clear that the B2B sector offered the most rewards for EMoS. There were far fewer competitors in this sector than in B2C, and EMoS has a significant competitive advantage thanks to its range’s larger storage capacity.

By getting more of its vehicles out on the road through B2B fleets, EMoS could also increase brand awareness amongst the general public, and start to normalise the unusual 3 wheel configuration of most of its ranges.

We developed a full roadmap of tactics for EMoS to implement, identifying:

  • changes in website architecture and messaging needed to prioritise B2B sales;
  • changes to messaging to better address customer needs;
  • key target industries to focus on for B2B prospecting; and
  • a new brand personality and look & feel that would also appeal to an under-targeted niche in the B2C market.

(The website redesign to implement these changes is due to be implemented in the coming year.)

We also developed an initiative to encourage local councils’ transformation to an “electric vehicle future”. This would create not only opportunities for fleet sales but accelerated implementation of the infrastructure to support electric vehicles, and networks to lobby government for more supportive regulation of electric mopeds.

This project was funded by Sondo’s Creative Kind pro bono program.

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