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Comcater is Australia’s leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment, and exclusive distributor of the world’s hottest brand in commercial cooking: Rational. But with price pressures in the industry always increasing, they asked for our help to secure their place in the supply chain between manufacturers and end-customers. 

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Harnessing what made them successful

We identified Comcater’s expert advice and innovation as the cornerstone for a refreshed brand that could drive them for decades to come. 

Comcater’s contribution to the industry goes well beyond training clients how to use equipment. They consult on the most effective ways to organise the entire food service process, matching the best technology with the best cooking methods to achieve each customer’s unique goals. This know-how is not only highly valued, but it comes uniquely from Comcater, rather than their manufacturing partners.

Our rebrand reconceptualised Comcater from an equipment supplier to “Australia’s most trusted food service expert” – cooking together with their customers with a goal to create “Smarter kitchens, better food, and happier lives” for chefs, owners and diners.


Smarter kitchens,
better food,
happier lives.

Capturing the flame of inspiration

Visuals put the passion back into Comcater’s business, highlighting people working with the equipment rather than sterile machine shots. 

Messaging emphasised Comcater’s on-staff chefs and industry-focussed teams, with its “world’s best brands” moved to a supporting benefit.


Fixing our culture must be our top priority if we’re to deliver on our brand promise

Hospitality in every interaction

To ensure all this translated into real action, we collaborated with Comcater’s People and Culture team to create a new set of company Values and connected Behaviours, that would unite the team at a time of significant transformation, focussing them on creating “hospitality in every interaction”.

We also provided recommendations for ways to use Comcater’s office space more effectively to nurture their refocussed values and culture.



The industry, including us, is very functional in its branding. People are rarely seen. But we’re in the business of hospitality which is all about people.

If we were to show our “people focus” in our branding, it could help us convey a sense that we emotionally understand hospo and our customers, communicate intangible benefits of our products & services – the drama and passion of food – and make us stand apart.

Launching the right way

How a refreshed brand is launched is almost as important as the details of the brand itself. You need to show the world why the refresh made sense, and excite them to get behind its implementation.

To do this, we created a brand video that emotionally captured the heart of the new brand, and collateral to support Comcater’s national roadshow relaunching the brand, including internal and external EDMs, and a video discussion between the Comcater’s CEO Rob Wood and its founder Kevin Wood about the past, present and future of Australia’s most trusted food service expert.

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