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Bress Winery

Agency: Three Scoops

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Retail margins are always tightening, so Victorian winery Bress wanted to build its direct-to-consumer business. They also felt it was time for a branding refresh.

We started work by talking to Bress’s stakeholders…

Five things we learned...

People loved the chook on their logo.

Good thing we asked, because we'd been thinking of changing it.

Bress thought their French influence was vital...

...but their customers didn’t really care.

It was Victoria’s only certified sustainable winery...

...but hardly anyone knew it.

98% of mailing list members would recommend Bress to a friend.

Nice work, Bress!

But only 25% of those members had bought from Bress’s online store.


Making our sustainability star shine

Bress’s sustainability cred gave it a strong and topical point of difference. Telling this story better was a way to get attention in a competitive market.

To help do this, we created a sustainability badge for their front labels. 

But our research showed quality remained consumers’ main purchasing criteria. So the priority in our brand refresh was to do justice to Bress’s expert craft… 

Freshening up the front...

New designs modernised the font and transformed the chook to become a silhouette window into life at the winery, celebrating Bress’s artisanal story.

For the premium range, a new black-on-black design gave a sleek and stylish edge. The original chook – slightly streamlined – was kept here as a nod to tradition.

...and reconfiguring the back

Changing design could only do so much. We also identified back-end changes to improve direct sales.

These included retooling the Bress loyalty program, better use of database marketing, and website changes to increase speed to checkout.

“The work has reshaped our brand. Gemma and Lucas were pivotal in creating a strategy for the future that would help us achieve our business goal.”

Adam Marks – founder, Bress

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