Able Foods branding didn't do reflect its vibrant spirit effectively enough, and also needed help protecting itself from increasing competition from other providers.


Differentiating an established NDIS food service brand


Able Foods is a leading NDIS provider of ready-made specialty meals. We were asked to refresh their branding as part of the business’s acquisition by the Kinela allied health group. Able Foods had strong foundations but its branding didn’t communicate its vibrant spirit effectively enough. It also faced increasing competition from other providers. How could we set them apart?

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Able Foods is a leading NDIS provider of ready-made specialty meals.

Crafting a cheeky champion

Able Foods helps its clients improve their health and live with dignity, but its goal was to help them go further than that: to chase their dreams. Workshopping this with the executive team, they quickly agreed we could energise the business by repositioning it around that motivating belief: Everyone has a right to be remarkable.

We formalised a brand personality, shaping all future marketing to embody the qualities of being Playful, Bold, Switched On and Real. Using this as a guide, we created a new set of brand key messages. These staked out a more aspirational role for Able in its clients’ lives: helping them tailor “a champion diet for a healthier and happier life”. The messages also embraced colloquial language like “damn delicious” and “relax and dig in” to convey Able’s lively, playful philosophy.



We don’t take things too seriously. There’s a lightness in the way we embrace the world. We love being a bit unexpected to celebrate individuality and possibility, and to create moments of delight. 

Switched On

We know our stuff. Even when we’re having fun, you feel our credibility and are reassured we have the expertise to deliver an exceptional product and experience.


We go big and do it with conviction. Hearts on sleeve, eyes on the prize. Bold in championing our beliefs. And proudly assured about ourselves – happy to even strut occasionally – because we know that we’ve done the hard work to earn our success.


Part of why you trust us is that we’re candid about ourselves – no airs of superiority, no jargon – and we’re candid about the serious issues our clients deal with. We’re caring but don’t sugarcoat things. We keep it real – but always with an eye on the positive.

We recommended adding a range of lighter, brighter colours to complement Able Food's hero red and navy blue, which would visualise Able’s passionate embrace of life.

A brighter look

Able’s logo and “smiling bowl” device bounced with positivity. But they were let down by the stolid red and navy blue palette that dominated the brand. We recommended adding a range of other lighter, brighter colours complementing these, which would visualise Able’s passionate embrace of life.


Nutrition guidelines were generic and confusing

Owning nutrition

Able Foods uses industry-leading nutritional guidelines specifically crafted to the health needs of people with disability. But the guidelines weren’t well understood by clients, and competitors in adjacent spaces such as weight loss were starting to market to NDIS customers, advertising their own generic guidelines.

To counter this threat, we worked with Able to consolidate their guidelines down to a definable number, and then brand it with a name: The Magic 8. This made their nutritional value more memorable, easier to understand and created a new brand asset for the business.

Able Foods' nutritional guidelines are specifically crafted to the health needs of people with disability.

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