Arts education centre 100 Story Building asked Sondo to devise a marketing strategy to help increase business for the "for fee" services that subsidise their work for disadvantaged communities


Marketing strategy for a social enterprise


100 Story Building is a social enterprise that champions the creative voices of Victorian children and young people. Over the last decade, its creative literacy workshops have helped more than 40,000 kids – many from disadvantaged communities.

The organisation asked us to help it increase demand for its “for fee” projects that enable the free and subsidised work 100 Story Building offers to those in need.


Market research
Marketing strategy
Verbal branding

Writing the next chapter

After conducting extensive research including stakeholder interviewers, a self-audit and competitor analysis, we identified that the cutting edge nature of 100 Story Building’s educational approach was getting lost in messaging that focussed almost exclusively on the charitable nature of its work with disadvantaged communities.

By better explaining what 100 Story Building does, and quantifying its results, we could establish the organisation as a leader of innovation in creative literacy. This would make it a more aspirational partner for fee-paying clients, without betraying its ongoing commitment to disadvantaged children.

In collaboration with the 100 Story team, we developed a suite of new key messages.


Every child
has a story
Children leave our workshops with not just new stories, but an increased sense of agency 
and self-belief.
Over the past decade, we’ve supported more than 45,000 children and young people to become more confident, curious and engaged learners.
Every workshop you book with 100 Story Building supports marginalised children and young people.
Children leave our workshops with not just new stories, but an increased sense of agency and self-belief.
100 Story Building is Victoria’s home of storymaking & creative discovery for children and young people.


We also identified new tactics and networks to use to raise awareness about this and drive bookings. These included showcasing teachers as brand champions, increasing the profile of its charismatic workshop facilitators, and reviewing communication processes before and after workshops to better prepare schools for visits and establish ongoing relationships with teachers afterwards.

Sondo created marketing collateral like flyers as part of a general retainer for 100 Story Building

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