No Fee Guarantee
No fee guarantee

Our number one priority is to empower you to make a difference.

So if you work with us and we don’t deliver what we promise, you don’t pay for our services. It’s that simple.

We’re passionate about our craft and pride ourselves on doing outstanding work, so we don’t believe you’ll ever need this No Fee Guarantee. But in case you do, here’s how it works:

All successful projects start with both parties having a clear understanding what’s expected. So we’ll make sure there’s a precise brief with specific deliverables before we start work.

We’ll keep you involved in the process throughout the project. And we encourage you to let us know if you’re not happy along the way. If you have concerns, we want you to share them with us. It helps us solve problems faster.

At the end of the project, we’ll refund any fees* already paid by you and waive any outstanding fees*, if all of the following apply:

– The work delivered does not match the agreed brief, or we don’t deliver an item promised in the brief.

– You’ve held up your end of the partnership and contributed what you said you will, when you said you would.

– You’ve let us know within 1 week of the project being delivered that you’re not satisfied.

– You’ve given us 14 days to rectify the problem.


The not so small print:

External costs we incur on your behalf, such as licensing fees for stock photos or printing costs, are not included in this guarantee. Spark Bar sessions are not included in this guarantee. 

Helping you make a difference...

Gemma and Lucas ensured every stakeholder felt comfortable, while also pushing us to be ambitious and aspirational. They were the perfect partner.

Natalie Liang TMX

Without Gemma's exceptional leadership, I doubt we would have had the courage to explore important aspects of the process that enabled us to realise the amazing outcome we did.

Rodd Cunico orro

Sondo are full of clear, strategic and fresh ideas. They helped us identify the changes needed to regain our business momentum.

Valerie Seow Focus Movement

In an industry of hype and smoke & mirrors, Gemma and Lucas are the antithesis of this industry persona. They are down to earth, incisive, intelligent and collaborative. I would want them on my team any time.

Adam Marks Bress Winery

Lucas has a keen eye (and ear) for creative opportunities that elevate projects beyond the everyday.

Simon Conlon 100 Story Building

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