Great. Another marketing agency.

We know, right? Just what the world needs.

But what is needed right now – badly – is more changemakers. And that’s why we believe so strongly in our new team, Sondo.

It’s the reason we’re not just another marketing agency.

Our mission is not to help businesses sell more stuff. It’s to make it easier for more people to make more choices that help our planet. To make everyone a changemaker.

Whether we think about them or not, we make thousands of choices each day. Which brand of spaghetti to buy; whether to drive or catch the train, whether to fork out for solar panels when our household budget’s already tight… Those little choices add up, ripple out, and shape our world. 

And right now, the world’s not looking great. We’re in the middle of a United Nations-declared climate emergency, mass animal extinctions, a refugee crisis, and a resurgence of the politics of intolerance and hate. If we want to preserve a good quality of life, we need to start making choices that help fix those problems.

So the two of us made a choice of our own.

We quit our jobs leading traditional agencies, promoting causes we weren’t always proud of. And we started a new kind of creative marketing team devoted to nourishing society rather than exploiting it…

Sondo provides expert creative and strategic help for socially progressive businesses. Clean energy providers, cruelty-free product manufacturers, social welfare organisations and other enterprises that put “a better world” at the heart of their business…

In short, we’re here to help the world’s kindest brands become its biggest brands.

But we’re also creating new ways to help ethical small businesses that normally can’t afford marketing advice. Our Spark Bar offers affordable, commitment-free troubleshooting sessions, giving practical tips that business owners can implement themselves to grow. And we have even bigger plans on the way in 2021.

By helping this new generation of smarter businesses shine, we make it easier for consumers to make better choices every time they shop. Choices that add up, ripple out, and shape a brighter world. 

The future’s waiting. Let’s make a change together.

Lucas & Gemma

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