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Create a brand that helps your business grow

Whether you’re refreshing your brand or starting from scratch, real change needs more than a shiny logo. You need a brand that is strategically designed to steer your business forward.

Sondo can help you build a market-leading brand, through:

  • Market research
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand storytelling
  • Purpose & culture development
  • Brand videos
  • Creative campaigns
  • Roll-out across websites, brochures and advertising

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    Brand can solve your
    business problems:

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    With Sondo, you get so much more than a beautiful logo and catchy slogan*

    We help articulate what makes you special, then shape it into a vibrant brand story that sets you apart from competitors. A story told every single day, at every single touchpoint, turning customers and staff alike into passionate champions of your business.

    (* But we’ll definitely give you a beautiful logo and catchy slogan while we’re at it.)

    Here’s what our clients say

    Brands our team has helped

    Bring your brand to life with.....

    Brand strategy

    Design is only effective when it’s driven by strategy. We’ll help you identify the core challenges you need to overcome to achieve your business goals, and identify the most effective way for your brand to help solve them.

    Brand design

    Your visual identity is where most customers’ experience of your brand starts. From your logo to brand colours, fonts and other graphics, our design will ensure that first impression wows them.

    Verbal identity

    Your business’s tone of voice is one of the most powerful (and affordable) ways to make an impact on clients. We’ll craft you a set of compelling key messages, and give you guidelines to keep creating your own.

    Purpose, values and culture

    We’ll help you create the foundations for a strong, positive culture that shows the world what you stand for and ensures that every decision your business makes is consistent with your purpose and amplifies your brand promise.

    Do you want a brand that...

    Book a free 45 min strategy call to discuss your challenges
    and how your brand can help solve them.

    What’s included in the free strategy session?

    The first step is as simple as a chat. Book your free brand Strategy Session now:

    In this virtual session:  

    • we’ll discuss your business’s goals and challenges;
    • give you our top-level assessment of your brand health; and
    • suggest specific, practical brand tactics that can help get you where you need to go.

    We’ll follow up our session with an outline summarising our advice, as well as suggesting the optimum steps to build your brand. 

    Brands we’ve helped build

    Here’s what our clients say

    Want to know what makes our approach so successful?

    We’ve seen a lot of projects go right and a few go wrong over the years. And we’ve learnt from all of them.

    Here are the three principles at the heart of how we do things at Sondo:


    Strategy and creativity are inseparable.
    Too often, projects fail because no one stopped to identify the core problem. We start everything with strategy, so our end creative isn’t just beautiful – it will actually make a difference.


    Our clients are key collaborators.
    We’re experts in brand storytelling. But you’re the experts in your business. We keep you involved, giving feedback every step of the way, so we create something that feels true to you, and which you’re proud to run with once we’re done.


    If it’s not practical, it’s pointless.
    The brands we create might be stylish, provocative, weird, but they must be practical. Every Sondo brand is designed to suit your staff and budget resources, and delivered with a toolkit of key messages and graphics so your team can put the brand into action on a daily basis.

    Your brand can make or break your business.

    We have a “no jargon” rule at Sondo, so let’s keep it super simple. Your brand is your story.

    We’ll help you take control of your story, and use your brand to create real business results:

    Want to raise your price point?

    Refreshing to a more premium brand can make customers happy to pay more for what you do.

    Want to grow sales?

    A distinct, engaging brand will make you a more compelling choice compared to competitors, and reduce friction for potential customers at their buying pain points.

    Want to attract better job applicants?

    An engaging, values-driven brand with a strong employee value proposition will attract talent who share your vision.

    Brands our team has helped

    B2B & service industry brand specialists

    Start building your future today.

    Your branding project is a rare opportunity to step away from the daily commotion and consider where you want to go in the years ahead. We’ll help you explore all the possibilities, be brave, and create your future – reassured that we’re there to stop you ever getting lost long the way.

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