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    * The Fine Print (don’t worry, it’s not scary):

    1. We can only donate our own time, unfortunately. Any external costs we incur, like licensing fees for stock photos or printing costs, will need to be paid by the recipient. But we will let you know right from the start if your project is likely to incur such costs, so you can decide whether you want to go ahead.

    2. Recipients of each Creative Kind round are chosen completely at the discretion of Sondo. Factors influencing our decision include the nature of your cause, how much value we think we can bring to your project, and our current resource availability.

    Creative Kind: Pro bono marketing help for social change.

    Twice each year, we donate up to $10,000 in creative marketing services* to a person or organisation who’s doing something awesome for the world, and could use our help.

    You might need a marketing strategy, help defining your brand voice, some blogs, a new logo… anything!

    We love hearing from charities, but you don’t have to be a charity to apply. You might be a business with a great idea but limited resources, or just an everyday person with an idea to increase awareness for a worthy cause.

    If you think you fit the bill, then register your interest by telling us more about yourself in the form below.


    Submissions for our current round of  Creative Kind have now closed.

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