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Get the strategy capabilities to swing big for major branding projects. 

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Add the strategy experts to your next pitch.

Sondo augments your agency’s design and marketing offer with top-tier brand strategy expertise. We’re the perfect way to scale up for projects that can take you to the next level. And you only need to pay for strategy when you need it. 

Our proven methodology has enabled agencies to build vibrant living brands for market leaders.

  • Brand strategy experts
  • Collaborative approach
  • Unlock higher value work and clients
  • White label if needed
  • Scale your team when you need to without ongoing overheads

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A track record of success

The team provided exceptional leadership and were able to build the teams’ trust. Without them, I doubt we would have had the courage to explore important aspects of the process that enabled us to realise the amazing outcome we did.
Rodd Cunico
Rodd Cunicoorro
In an industry of hype and smoke & mirrors, the Sondo team are the antithesis of this industry persona. They are down to earth, incisive, intelligent and collaborative. I would want them on my team any time.
Adam Marks
Adam MarksBress
We have so much more clarity about our target audience and how we are currently perceived in the marketplace — and how this needs to shift. We also have the confidence to charge more for our services and start initiating conversations about different services.
Heather Vanz
Heather VanzHeydays

Expertise to take you further

Gemma Dittmar and Lucas Testro bring 20 years experience as creative leaders in branding and media. 

Sondo's founders Gemma Dittmar and Lucas Testro bring 20 years leadership in marketing and media

Gemma Dittmar

Gemma is a brand and marketing expert who’s helped shape and refocus businesses for success for more than 10 years. Her inspiring positivity, calmness under pressure, and assured combination of strategic vision with creative flair make her a trusted advisor and guide for clients, whether working with C-suite or on-the-ground team members.

Lucas Testro

Lucas is a creative double-threat, combining experience as a high level copywriter with an extensive career as an award-winning filmmaker – writing and directing TVCs, TV dramas and short films that have played around the globe. His incisive strategic brain and offbeat humour are valued by clients for keeping projects on track, upbeat and always open to new possibilities.

How it works?

Working seamlessly with your team, we provide the brand strategy component of your project. (We can also develop your clients verbal branding if you need it). You then use the strategy foundation to roll out the clients visual branding* and roll out assets

*we can help with the visual branding if you don’t have this capability. 


Got a new brief that requires brand strategy or branding expertise? Give us a call to discuss the best methodology and appraoch.


Add our strategy steps, bios & prices to your proposal. We can also help write the proposal and attend the pitch.


We lead the brand strategy phase of the project, acting in collaboration with your accounts & design team. Present us as specialist partner consultants or as part of your agency.


Drawing from the strategy, we’ll create the design brief for your team and then step away. Or we can keep attending meetings to provide client continuity and strategy feedback – up to you!

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We’ll partner with you to provide your clients with a seamless consulting team, providing the support and guidance your clients need to reach their business objectives. 

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