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Our Mission

To solve global problems locally, by making every person a changemaker.

Our choices shape our world. So we made a choice of our own. 

We quit our jobs leading traditional agencies, promoting causes we weren’t always proud of. And we started a new kind of creative marketing team devoted to nourishing society, rather than exploiting it.

A team that provides strategic and creative guidance to Australia’s smartest new generation businesses, helping them grow projects that can transform society for the better.

Because for our world to survive, its kindest brands must become its biggest brands.

1. Top tier talent at an affordable price
We’ve ditched the office for a co-work & remote model to give you maximum value. Because your money should go to your project, not our overheads...
2. A team tailored just for you
We assemble our creative team on a project-by-project basis. So you get the skills your project truly needs, not just who’s free that day.
3. Your money supports your mission
We ethically vet our clients. So your fees only help like-minded organisations.
4. Complete peace of mind
We give you a No Fee Guarantee: if we don’t deliver what we promise, then you don’t pay for our services. Keep reading for more details.

A smarter
kind of team

Sondo's founders Gemma Dittmar and Lucas Testro bring 20 years leadership in marketing and media

Sondo’s founders, Gemma Dittmar and Lucas Testro, bring 20 years experience as creative leaders in marketing and media. They head up an ensemble of talented design specialists, dedicated to making a difference for you and for the world.

Gemma Dittmar

Gemma is a brand and marketing expert who’s helped shape and refocus businesses for success for more than 10 years. Her inspiring positivity, calmness under pressure, and assured combination
of strategic vision with creative flair make her a trusted advisor and guide for clients, whether working with C-suite or on-the-ground team members.

Lucas Testro

Lucas is a creative double-threat, combining experience as a high level copywriter with an extensive career as an award-winning filmmaker – writing and directing TVCs, TV dramas and short films that have played around the globe. His incisive strategic brain and offbeat humour are valued by clients for keeping projects on track, upbeat and always open to new possibilities.

Our values

Values do good

Do good.

If we can’t proudly tell our loved ones we did it, we don’t do it.

Challenge assumptions.

Respect the past, but ask if there’s a better way.

values challenge assumptions
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Kindness first.

A better world starts with kindness to each other. Especially when you disagree.

Climb the big mountains.

They get smaller with each step, and the view at the top is incredible.

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values make it shine

Make it shine.

Noble causes don’t affect behaviour, emotions do. So our work must touch people.

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