Strategic storytelling
that creates
meaningful change.

For businesses.  For causes.  For the world.

We unite smart strategy with vibrant storytelling to create brands and experiences that help game-changing organisations:

  • pursue their purpose more effectively; 
  • engage the imagination of their staff, customers and followers; and 
  • cut through for sustained growth.


Sondo’s “Living Brand” approach has guided market leaders to articulate unique, authentic business stories that go beyond a mere logo. We design your brand to be lived and breathed daily by your team and customers, becoming an engine for growth.


Need help engaging your audience to make your next big move? We’ll help you identify the right marketing levers for change, then craft the right strategy and stunning creative to get you there. Our smart, practical solutions deliver measurable results.

Activism meets imagination.

Sondo’s Social Storylab creates imaginative projects that grow grassroots change where it’s needed most.

Connecting strategy, science and the arts, the Social Storylab puts empathy in action, through transformative emotional encounters that go beyond awareness to spark lasting behaviour change.

Sondo's Social Storylab creates imaginative projects to spark grassroots social change

Sondo helps you shine, so you can make the world brighter.

Gemma and Lucas ensured every stakeholder felt comfortable, while also pushing us to be ambitious and aspirational. They were the perfect partner.

Natalie Liang TMX

Without Gemma's exceptional leadership, I doubt we would have had the courage to explore important aspects of the process that enabled us to realise the amazing outcome we did.

Rodd Cunico orro

Sondo are full of clear, strategic and fresh ideas. They helped us identify the changes needed to regain our business momentum.

Valerie Seow Focus Movement

In an industry of hype and smoke & mirrors, Gemma and Lucas are the antithesis of this industry persona. They are down to earth, incisive, intelligent and collaborative. I would want them on my team any time.

Adam Marks Bress Winery

Lucas has a keen eye (and ear) for creative opportunities that elevate projects beyond the everyday.

Simon Conlon 100 Story Building

Just some of the organisations our team has helped…

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